Make Your Check-Ups Regular

Make Your Check-Ups Regular

When was your last check-up and clean?

While most people would agree that visiting the dentist every six months for a check-up is crucial for optimum oral health, in reality, few of us are this diligent, often forgetting or skipping an appointment. Financial restrictions can make regular dental check-ups a “rich man’s hobby” according to a leading UK consultant and it seems the same problems is affecting Australians.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

According to reports by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, a third of Australians avoid having regular dental check-ups due to the exorbitant cost of such appointments. On average, most people pay around $200 for a routine appointment and an additional $90 for X-rays. The negative consequences of this approach to oral hygiene is evident in another AIHW report. This suggests that a third of all adults have untreated tooth decay while over 40% of children have had some decay of their baby teeth.

Keeping regular: the benefits of routine check-ups

These statistics speak for themselves, but how vital is it that you visit your dentist twice a year? Let’s explore what happens during a regular dental check-up and work out why you might be willing to give your eye teeth for a reliable, friendly dental practice like Noosa Parade Dental Care.

A routine appointment to the dentist will include a brush and clean, examination and possibly x-rays. These processes enable a dentist to:

  1. The professional cleaning removes plaque, preventing the build-up of tartar and helping to prevent cavities
  2. Identify the presence of oral cancer during its early stages, facilitating effective treatment
  3. X-rays can reveal problems that aren’t yet obvious to the human eye, meaning dentists can tackle issues like wisdom teeth erupting crookedly before they become a painful complication.
  4. In addition to examining the inside of your mouth, your dentist will also look at your jaw, neck and lymph nodes

The dangers of dodging the dentist’s chair

Skipping an appointment here and there may not seem like a big issue but oral health problems can develop quickly, leaving you with bigger health issues and a bigger bill. Here are some of the dangers of missing your routine check-ups:

  1. The build-up of plaque leads to the development of tartar which causes periodontal disease.
  2. Many people aren’t aware that they have gum disease unless they have regular dental check-ups. If left too long, gum disease can result in lost teeth and bone destruction. Periodontal disease is directly associated with coronary heart disease. Circulating cytokines are inflammatory enzymes produced by the inflamed gums which also inflame the endothelium of the coronary arteries, thus constricting the blood flow. Any cardiac surgeon would agree with that, so it’s important to remove the debris off the teeth on a regular basis.
  3. Oral cancer is a common and dangerous health issue.

Everybody’s Different

At Noosa Parade Dental Care, we know that different people have different needs and expectations when it comes to oral care which is why they treat each client differently. This family-run practice has been putting smiles on the locals faces for years so you know you can trust us with you and your family’s dental care. If you want more advice about routine dental health or want to arrange for a regular dental check-up, speak to one of the friendly staff at Noosa Parade Dental Care today!