The Problem with Preferred Dentists

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The Problem with Preferred Dentists

Is Your Dentist “charging too much”?

Picture this: you get an unexpected call from your health insurance fund stating that your dentist is charging too much and that you should, instead, use one of their “preferred providers.” You may be thinking, “well it’s great to be saving money wherever I can, thanks!” But once you phone the “preferred provider” it is brought to your attention that they actually charge the same as your original dentist. What gives?

You may also be told that your health fund will only give you 50% off of your claim value if you don’t visit one of their contracted dentists. This may come as a bit of a kicker to you – nobody wants to feel as though they are being discriminated against because of their choice of dentist.

What’s the deal?

Insurance funds want to control their costs and limit their treatments so they can maximise their profits. They may claim that their treatments are the same quality but consider this: how is that possible if their dentists are being paid lower fees?

It needs to be known that several dentists may be feeling tempted to accept the “preferred provider” offer from health insurance companies. This is because in today’s times, the market is incredible competitive and some dental practices are feeling the pinch. This is what makes the “preferred provider” offer seem very appealing as it provides a false sense of security with more patients coming through the door. However, as a business, you are then functioning on a much lower dollar amount and compromises will then have to be made. These compromises might include quality of staff, lower wages, quality of materials, and less funds for staff training and development. Having the status of being a “preferred provider” may result in a reduction in your ability to provide the sort of service that you would usually choose to provide.

Due to wanting to keep costs in check, there are now a variety of treatments that are not paid out. Benefits are cut and yet despite this, premiums are raised.

Since there is a large flow of patients turning to these “preferred providers” you can wait up to months for an appointment and if you are experiencing discomfort, this is far from ideal.

Where is the value?

After taking all of this into consideration, you may be left wondering, “well, what’s the point?” Choice magazine has made it clear that there is no value in extras insurance as there are so many services that you pay for and yet never use. You are far better off saving your money and only paying for the services that you need.

In saying this, life happens. You may need the money to pay for a certain treatment at a time where you simply just don’t have it. Thankfully there is a better way.

Independent dentists

Noosa Parade is part of an Australian wide network of independent dentists, and with us, you have two choices:

1: We can provide you with a list of several health funds that allow you to choose your own dentist and pay you the full claim to which you are entitled.

2: Independent dentists such as Noosa Parade can help you self-insure with a personal care plan. That way, you do have money for your dental needs when you need it as you are simply transferring your health insurance extras premium to your personal care account.

With Noosa Parade being an Independent dentist, you can have peace of mind that you are receiving good quality dental care as and when you need it and have the ability to pay for it.

For more information about the dental treatment options we offer, contact us today.